Kid Rock's Possible Senate Run Is No Joke to Elizabeth Warren

Vincent De Villiers
Julho 17, 2017

D-N.H., became the latest Democrat to launch a fundraising pitch off Kid Rock's rumored Michigan Senate run - a sign that Elizabeth Warren's call for cash on Thursday might be working. In addition to Kid Rock's Senate go, Dwayne Johnson - aka The Rock - says he may consider challenging Trump in 2020.

Rock promised new material as a supplement to his political ambitions, cross-pollinating his message with lyrics and music video visuals. Like politicians write books during their campaigns, I'm planning on putting out music during mine and IT ALL STARTS TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT. Bikini-clad women (political supporters, presumably) are pictured firing guns and drinking beer in rural MI. Warren also warned against dismissing Kid Rock's potential bid. CNN reports that Sen.

When asked if the tweet and website was a real campaign announcement or a publicity stunt, a representative for Kid Rock just directed HuffPost to the artist's official Facebook page.

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Senator Stabenow and I do share a love of music, although probably not the same kind.

"I concede he is better at playing the guitar and I'll keep doing what I do best, which is fighting for Michigan", Stabenow tweeted.

His take? "I concede she is better at playing politics than I am, so I'll keep doing what I do best, which is being a voice for tax paying, hardworking AMERICANS", said Rock, who hasn't kept his Trump-supporting ideology under wraps. Well, maybe this is all a joke - but we all thought Donald Trump was joking when he rode down the escalator at Trump Tower and announced his campaign, too.

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