Managing director of Longitude issues apology following first day problems

Rebecca Barbier
Julho 17, 2017

The promoters of the Dublin event apologised to attendees.

Suntan lotion might be all you'll be carrying into the venue as the festival has issued some guidlines on what kind of bags will be allowed into the Marley Park site. Others claimed there were "stampedes" as fans tried to get in.

Comedy troupe Shifts have their take on the wait for pay day, Kymann Power faces off against Joe Gorman in a shootout and we look at what life is like for all the gingers out there.


Another concertgoer, Emma Brooghan, said that was stuck in a queue for two hours before being trampled on.

"There were so many people on top of my legs, but my arms were free, so they were trying to pull my arms to get me out from underneath the crowd".

"Gostaria de ganhar títulos com o Sevilha" — Nolito
Após boas temporadas no Celta de Vigo, Nolito despertou interesse dos principais clubes do futebol europeu. Ao serviço dos citizens, participou em 30 partidas e marcou seis golos.

"We had encouraged people to arrive early and they heeded the encouragement to a greater level than anticipated, making that first hour hard".

In a statement Melvin Benn, director of Festival Republic, said that teams have worked throughout the night to improve the entry for today and tomorrow so everyone can enjoy the festival.

The non-camping festival will wrap up today, with folk rock band Mumford & Sons closing on the main stage.

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