Nevada parole board could decide next week to release OJ Simpson

Rebecca Barbier
Julho 17, 2017

"The media still portrays him in a negative light because he was acquitted of the murders [of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman]".

We don't know if the former Hall of Fame running back will be granted parole, but we do know that his original sentence was 33 years. Simpson could be paroled Thursday.

The Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners confirmed on Tuesday that a parole hearing for Simpson has been scheduled for July 20.

According to Yale Galanter, an attorney who represented the former National Football League star during his 2008 trial, Simpson will likely walk free due to his exceptional behavior behind bars.

O.J. Simpson could be released from prison this year, after spending nearly a decade behind bars. Don't be surprised if ESPN uses the parole hearing as an excuse to promote O.J.: Made in America, their special series about Simpson's career and his quick fall from stardom. now locked up because he broke into a Las Vegas hotel room on September 13, 2007, and stole at gunpoint sports memorabilia the he claimed was his.

Nevada parole board could decide next week to release OJ Simpson

Simpson has served almost nine years in prison following the armed robbery at the Palace Station hotel-casino in Las Vegas in September 2007.

Brooke Keast, a spokesperson for the Nevada Department of Corrections, told USA TODAY Sports that Simpson's disciplinary record is not available to the public and that prison officials do not comment on an inmates' behavior. "The hype is about the murder charge and the legal system found him not guilty".

"State law requires that the board consider the severity of the crime and various risk and other factors before deciding whether or not to grant parole", Patton said in a statement.

Simpson will have an opportunity to address the board by video conference as he did during the 2013 hearing.

The Nevada parole board regularly meets about three months ahead of an inmate's parole eligibility date, which is why Simpson is on next week's agenda. In either case, a decision is expected on the day of the hearing. The commission usually includes seven members, but now it has only six because a vacancy occurred June 30 and the replacement will not begin until after Simpson's hearing.

"My advice to him would be to live out the rest of your life", the lawyer said.

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