Pakistan targets ISIL in operation along Afghan border

Patrice Gainsbourg
Julho 17, 2017

Pakistan air force will back the operation in Rajgal, a far-flung valley that sits on Pak-Afghan border, and which the army considers as one of the few strongholds of militants in the region, Ghafoor said.

"There is no organized infrastructure of Daesh in Pakistan, but the group is getting stronger in Afghanistan and the objective behind the operation is to check growing influence of Daesh on the Afghan side of the border", General Ghafoor further said. He said Pakistan had informed the Afghan authorities and urged them to take similar measures on its side of the border. He added that it Chief of Army Staff is considering the second appeal. The Indian troops in line to defuse their own frustrations had been targeting the civil population along the LOC which ultimately caused a high number of causalities of the civil population, settled along the LOC.

Referring to the fencing of global border along Afghanistan, he said work on the most sensitive portion had already been started and first phase of it would be completed in the due course.

Incidents of terrorism in Pakistan have shown a drop over the three-year period from 2014-2017, he said.

Since the launch of Operation RuF, the army has launched 46 major operations in the country and over 9,000 intelligence-based operations (IBOs). "We will be able to check cross-border movement of terrorists, and our coordination with Afghanistan in this regard is ongoing", he said, as is the fencing of the border which is in its first phase. We fire towards bunkers where we think the firing is coming from.

Answering a question, he said China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is very critical for the development of the country. "It is a sub-judice case and will go to court", he said. He said a considerable decline was also registered in cases of street crime and efforts were at hand to check this trend effectively. Thirteen major operations and over 800 IBOs were conducted in Balochistan.

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"Once this operation is completed, we will first secure the global border on our side and eliminate the hideouts of various terrorist groups", Ghafoor added.

The spokesman addressed concerns in the United States about the presence in Pakistan of the so-called Haqqani network, the strongest faction of the Taliban fighting against allied forces in Afghanistan.

Replying to a question on Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav's case, DG ISPR said the army chief is reviewing the proceedings of the case and will take a decision on Jadhav's mercy appeal on merit.

Giving details about the performance of the Military Courts, he said total 274 terrorists were tried and of them 161 were awarded death penalty.

To a question, the DG said Raymond Davis has written his book as contractor and such books have their own agendas, which could be exposed later on. "For this, army shall continue to perform its role in and with support of all other state institutions".

When asked to comment on a "social media campaign against state institutions", he said "every person has freedom of expression, but any patriot Pakistani can not be part of any negative campaign against the army".

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