Six runway lights at city airport damaged

Judith Bessette
Julho 17, 2017

An Air India express plane skidded off at the Mangalore airport in Karnataka on Sunday morning due to bad weather. Luckily its skilled pilots were able to immediately bring the Boeing 737 back to the "tabletop" runway's centre line after the "momentary" skidding.

The plane skidded off the runway and hit some of the guiding lights on the runway after landing, at the Mangaluru Airport.

"The initial enquiry report has not confirmed that the guiding lights were damaged by IX 814 (Dubai-Mangaluru flight)", said an AI spokesperson. Around 185 passengers were onboard, including two infants. The aircraft skidded to the right momentarily after touch down but got back to the center line thereafter.

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The aircraft was inspected and no "noticeable damage" was found, the official said.

According to Kumar, the aircraft did not suffer any damage and all 186 passengers on-board the aircraft were safe.

At the same airport, half a decade ago, another Air India Express Flight 812 overshot the runway and fell off a cliff before bursting into flames.

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