Woman trapped in train doors dragged along platform

Patrice Gainsbourg
Julho 17, 2017

She had boarded the train, before changing her mind at the last minute and trying to get off. She is unable to free herself and gets dragged along the platform as onlookers desperately signal for the train to stop.

The handbag straps of 43-year-old Belarussian woman, Natalya Garkovich, became snagged in the doors of the train at a station in Rome on Wednesday evening, Italian daily newspaper Corriere della Sera reports.

The clip, posted on YouTube by user watch life 2, also appears to show train driver Gianluca Tonelli eat his lunch before driving off.

Ms Garkovich, who local media report is a Belarusian national, was initially in intensive care, but her condition has since improved.

The woman was allegedly not pulled into the tunnel.

He told Corriere della Sera: "I know that I was wrong and I am devastated by what happened to that woman".

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The CCTV footage shows that Mr Tonelli was eating while the train was in the platform.

The train's door sensors failed to recognise the blockage and emergency levers pulled by passengers inside the train failed to raise the alarm, according to local reports.

"But in the video it can also be seen that I looked twice in the mirror, I was not reckless", he added.

Carlo Rienzi, president of consumer rights group Codacons, said the failure of both the door and emergency levers meant Mr Tonelli could not be fully to blame.

The woman attempts to board the subway when the doors close on her bag.

"If the trains were equipped with cameras in the cockpit it might have been different", he told news agency Ansa.

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