Rebecca Long-Bailey parrots Tory lines in hard interview

Patrice Gainsbourg
Julho 18, 2017

Labour's shambolic Brexit policy was thrown into fresh chaos today as a key Corbyn ally admitted the party does not know whether it wants to leave the EU single market or customs union. At the time, the Foreign Secretary's comments were the subject of mockery from the opposition...

European Union leaders have repeatedly made clear this will not be possible, as they seek to defend the bloc's huge trading advantages for its members.

'We have got to respect the result of the referendum, we have got to respect the will of the people in terms of having greater control over our laws, greater control over our borders.

"If we could negotiate an agreement on remaining within the single market that dealt with all of those issues then that would be fantastic", Ms Long-Bailey said.

"If we could negotiate membership of the single market whilst dealing with free movement and dealing with the other issues then that would be great, but I think that's probably unlikely and we'll have to be looking at a more flexible approach that maintains the benefits that we now have in the single market whilst perhaps not being a member".

On the customs union, the Shadow Business Secretary said: "Again, the position is very similar".

'We want to retain the benefits that we now have within the customs union.

Earlier Mr Blair praised Mr Corbyn's'remarkable result in last month's general election- robbing Theresa May of her overall Commons majority- but warned that hard left policies would be a disaster for the economy

"We want to have our cake and eat it, as do most parties in Westminster".

The formal position puts Labour in line with the government - which says we must stop being members in order to end free movement and strike independent trade deals.

Part of this, she said, should be an attempt for the United Kingdom to keep the benefits of the customs union while also being able to negotiate its trade deals.

"Now John McDonnell said you'd try to so this sounds like you made a promise before the election, lots of students voted for you because they thought that they would get their debts cleared and now you're saying "we're not sure we can do that".

Asked if such an approach was untenable, she replied: "That's the whole point of negotiations".

'Labour, and Jeremy Corbyn, could not negotiate a Brexit deal to save themselves, given they cannot agree on a policy position'.

Tom Brake, the Liberal Democrat Brexit spokesman, said: "Labour's Brexit position is so indistinguishable from the Conservatives that they have started parroting Boris Johnson". Our end goal is to maintain the benefits we now have as part of the customs union and the single market.

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