Ryan Phillippe hospitalized with leg injury: 'I'm going to be ok'

Rebecca Barbier
Julho 18, 2017

Actor Ryan Phillippe posted a photo of himself on Instagram laying on a hospital bed with a broken leg, swollen foot, while giving the "thumbs-up" sign.

Ryan Phillippe is in the hospital after injuring his right leg.

The reason for his injury and his hospitalization is unclear.

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In order to calm down the people who were anxious about his safety, he also showed a thumbs up and captioned the photo, 'I am going to be ok, and I appreciate your concern. -me'.

"It's a tough show to shoot. The last two weeks we've been in the desert, Palmdale, [California, ] you know, in degrees over 110", he revealed.

The "Shooter" star is laid up in a hospital bed with his right leg bandaged up - also looks like he has a cast around his ankle. "I will keep you updated on my progress". But I love it at the same time. "And I got to help choreograph the fights and come up with really sick, twisted ways for myself to get injured". "But I was approaching it like a football season, and I'd heal up after we finished".

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