Yes, there is one and here's how the world is celebrating it

Eloi Lecerf
Julho 18, 2017

Jack Brockbank, Guinness World Records Adjudicator, added, "We are incredibly impressed by the level of coordination and timing required to pull off this global record attempt - and it all happened simultaneously!"

Thousands of people all across the world dressed as massive emojis and celebrated together. Apple is celebrating by condensing a bunch of movies in the iTunes Store into emojis.

Are you an emoji-er or are you an emoji-nah?

Governor Rauner to Talk Education Funding in Rockford Monday
Bruce Rauner says he'll use his amendatory veto power to remove money for Chicago teacher pensions from a school funding bill. The could jeopardize schools' opening, but Rauner says schools will open on time.

The University of MI released a study in December 2016 showing what emojis were popular in different countries and the results were quite interesting. And with 2017 also heralding events like the introduction of expanded human emoji and the premiere of the Emoji Movie, it looks like emojis are truly coming of age. Last year, we covered emoji trivia from Twitter's POV, and since then, we've seen period emoji, plans for more-inclusive-hair-type emoji, and, yep, Kimoji. The most common emoji is the one.

The new emoji make it easier for users to express themselves with greater diversity, additional animals and creatures, new smiley faces and more.

The Emoji Movie features the voices of T.J. Miller, James Corden, Anna Faris, Maya Rudolph, Steven Wright, Jennifer Coolidge, Jake T. Austin, Christina Aguilera, Sofia Vergara and Sir Patrick Stewart.

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