Apple Invents Method to Call 911 Secretly in an Emergency

Eloi Lecerf
Julho 19, 2017

The associated gesture would then automatically and discreetly dial 911.

A patent application from Apple published Tuesday, according to CNBC, described technology that would trigger a 911 call in a way that is created to hide your actions from attackers.

But as CNBC points out, not all patent applications come to fruition.

According to the patent, while most phones allow emergency call access from a lock screen, this method of contacting emergency responders is "readily apparent to someone watching".

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It's a feature they hope will help people who are being watched or forced to use their phone by an aggressor or assailant.

Under the comments section, she wrote a message asking employees to call police because she and her children were being held hostage by her boyfriend.

The SOS-type of feature would be triggered by a variety of things, the patent explains, which includes scanning fingerprint positions, detecting a finger combination (like index-ring-pinky), and measuring the amount of force used when inputting a pattern.

The feature would look for a sequence of fingerprints or applied pressure to trigger a 911 call which could be programmed to bypass the screenlock authentication and may also send user's location to the authorities.

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