Game of Thrones creators explain meaning behind Arya Stark's bittersweet reunion

Rebecca Barbier
Julho 29, 2017

What's our point? Well, if you think about it, the line can be read as "Arya (No one) can protect me".

When Arya was doing her training with the Faceless Men, she finally earned the response from Jaqen H'ghar of "a girl is no one". "No one can protect anyone".

Sansa could use some protection from Littlefinger's mind-tricks (and from herself).

Now that Jon has left them alone in Winterfell, we don't know what could happen next.

In this week's episode, Stormborn, Arya changed her mission to head to her Winterfell home, after finding out from her friend Hot Pie that her sibling Jon Snow is still alive and king of the North.

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"I'm heading north, girl".

It's no secret that Game of Thrones has eased off on portraying the Stark direwolves of late.

Of course, the similar hairstyles could just be coincidental, but GoT's costume designer Michele Clapton said that Sansa tends to dress like the characters she's emulating or inspired by. Fans can't let Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams' Instagram #goals friendship IRL distract them from the fact that Sansa and Arya never got along well on the show. She must be protected by Littlefinger, and we're pretty sure Arya is not going to like Petyr Baelish's presence in her house. In a flawless world, Arya and Sansa would reunite in Winterfell and there would be no tension, then Bran would show up from the Wall, and then Jon's beautifully haired head would pop up last, thus completing all of my hopes and dreams for a Stark family reunion.

As of now, "Stormborn" writer Bryan Cogman opens to us about another scene with a dire wolf in the episode. I think we can all agree that an Arya and Sansa reunion this season is very likely, but the remaining question is: will it be a good thing? Will the Arya-Sansa reunion take place this Sunday?

The next episode of "GOT" airs on July 30, on HBO.

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