NHS jobs to tackle poor mental health care

Oceane Deschanel
Julho 31, 2017

He said the plan included an extra 2,000 people working in children's and young people's mental health, and almost 3,000 more treating depression and anxiety.

"A damaging lack of foresight in workforce planning in the past has led us to where we are now, with a significant gulf between what's in place and what's needed to deliver good quality care", he said.

Thousands more mental health workers are to be recruited by the NHS in England, the health secretary has said.

Mr Hunt said: "As we embark on one of the biggest expansions of mental health services in Europe it is crucial we have the right people in post - that's why we're supporting those already in the profession to stay and giving incentives to those considering a career in mental health".

But the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) has questioned whether enough people could feasibly be trained in such a short space of time, and whether there are the resources available to do so.

Jeremy Hunt has defended an NHS expansion plan for mental health services against accusations it doesn't go far enough by highlighting the Tory's "track record".

SANE chief executive Marjorie Wallace said: "These ambitious measures are a recognition of the emergency we now face, following so many years in which the mental health services have been running on empty".

Hunt responded there were 8,000 mental health nurses in training at the moment.

"It is clear the government will need to work hard just to get back to the number of specialist staff working in mental health services in 2010".

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Retaining staff and encouraging some of the 4,000 psychiatrists and 30,000 trained mental health nurses not substantively employed by the NHS to return to the profession will form a major part of the drive.

'The NHS needs to see hard cash to deliver any plans'.

The announcement comes after a series of dire warnings from those researching and working in the mental health sector.

Where are all the new mental health professionals going to go?

By November a year ago, the number of mental health nurses working in the NHS had dropped by nearly a sixth - a fall of 6,610 nurses in England, nearly 15% of the entire workforce.

Ms Keeley said a Labour government would commit "an extra billion pounds - over and above what's already there" to mental health services, as well as scrapping the pay cap.

He said 2,000 posts would be for children and young people's provision, and another 4,600 extra nursing staff working in crisis care.

Parity of esteem, the principle by which mental and physical health are given equal priority, has been a legal duty in the NHS since 2013, but in many areas the reality has not matched the ambition.

The move will see 2,000 additional nurses, consultants and therapist posts created in child and adolescent mental health services.

"You would expect to see a consultant if you had cancer and the same applies for mental health".

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