Donald Trump Signs Russia Sanctions Bill for 'Sake of National Unity'

Patrice Gainsbourg
Agosto 3, 2017

Even before Trump signed the bill, Putin on Sunday ordered the United States to cut about 60 percent of its diplomatic staff in Russian Federation by September 1 and took away a summer house used by U.S. Embassy staff.

The package introduces tough additional sanctions against Russian Federation over alleged meddling in last year's election and its annexation of the Crimea peninsula from Ukraine. "There are certain things that we may not fully understand when we come out, but our intention is never to lie to you".

Trump said at an OH rally last month that he was working with Republican Sens.

Dmitry Medvedev (dih-MEE'-tree med-VYEH'-dyev) says in a Facebook post that "Trump's administration has demonstrated total impotence by surrendering its executive authority to Congress in the most humiliating way".

"It's an honor to do this, and yes, I believe that we have to be honest with the American people", Spicer said. Lawmakers chose to limit the president's ability to ease penalties on Russia at a time when House and Senate committees and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are examining whether some members of his political campaign may have colluded with Russian interference in the 2016 election.

"While I favor tough measures to punish and deter aggressive and destabilizing behavior by Iran, North Korea, and Russia", Trump wrote in the signing statement, "this legislation is significantly flawed".

Putin vowed to cut the number of USA diplomats in Russian Federation to 455 people, meaning 755 will have to go, according to the Washington Post, and limited America's access to warehouses and a recreational centre Moscow.

US lawmakers in late July passed the bill that cements into law an array of strong sanctions against Russian Federation for its alleged meddling in the 2016 USA president election, its illegal occupation and annexation of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula, and its support for pro-Russia separatists who are fighting Ukrainian government forces in eastern Ukraine.

"We consider this as being against global law, plain and simple", German Economic Minister Brigitte Zypries said Monday.

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The Russia sanctions and the restrictions placed on Trump marked a rare rebuke for the president from congressional Republicans.

President Donald Trump may be trying for a reset in the West Wing, but he is making clear that he is not changing his Twitter habit.

White House officials had argued that it hampered the president's ability to negotiate.

Though the law doesn't dramatically expand sanctions, the power it gives Congress to block presidential moves to ease them means they're likely to remain in place for years.

- Cements into law a series of executive orders signed by former President Barack Obama to punish Russian Federation for its 2014 annexation of Crimea, support for separatist rebels in Ukraine's east, and interference in the presidential campaign.

Ultimately, "despite all the euphoria in Moscow after Trump's election and commentary about Putin as a great strategist, the end result is a more aggressive US sanctions regime doing more damage to Russian Federation", said Timothy Ash, a senior strategist at Bluebay Asset Management in London.

Kosachev says the bill will further cloud the prospects for cooperation on Iran and North Korea.

Nebenzia says Russian Federation expected President Donald Trump to sign the sanctions bill.

After a golf publication reported that President Donald Trump called the White House "a real dump" while hamming it up on the links with fellow rich people, the president clarified on Wednesday night that he definitely did not diss the historic building. The U.S. diplomatic staff in Russia includes U.S. citizens as well as locally hired Russians who hold a variety of jobs, including drivers, translators, information technology specialists and secretaries.

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