Jim Carrey Reveals His Surprising Talent for Painting in Viral Documentary Short

Rebecca Barbier
Agosto 9, 2017

The Hollywood star is being sued after Irish make-up artist Cathriona White, 30, took a fatal overdose of prescription drugs.

'We want to be able to establish that Mr Carrey absolutely did not transmit any herpes and he did not give her his pain medication and she could access her own'.

Carrey began dating White, an Irish native, in 2012, but the two later broke up after it was revealed she had secretly married Burton to obtain a Green Card after her visa expired, according to court papers.

The actor's legal team was able to secure the use of her records in an attempt to prove that Carrey did not obtain the prescription drugs that White used to kill herself and also to detail her history with the depression, The Telegraph reported.

"As far as this court can discover, no one has directly addressed the issue of whether a party can object to the discovery of information regarding a deceased non-party on the basis of decedent's right to privacy", Hill wrote in her eight-page ruling. "I was not the type of kid you could say as a punishment, 'Go to your room.' My room was heaven to me".

But the family's lawyer Michael Avenatti believes the records will show otherwise.

Gym owner stands by 'no cop' policy
Chambers continued: 'American police are an entity that serves capitalism and white supremacy and that's the way we see that. But, he added that his gym has never required the help of officers, and said that they will never need it, either.

He said: "We are pleased because now the same standard will apply to Mr Carrey". He should be very nervous, ' he said. White had accused Carrey of giving her communicable viruses.

Under California law, willfully exposing someone to a STD can constitute a cause of legal action for intentional infliction of emotional distress, a factor which can be relevant in determining a cause of suicide.

White was found dead in her Los Angeles home in 2015, surrounded by empty bottles of painkillers - drugs which were acquired by Carrey, lawsuits allege.

Last month, it was revealed that Carrey requested records from the three police officers who arrived to the scene, her medical prescriptions, including those from her dentist, and records from her physician who performed nasal surgery in 2014.

Carrey paid tribute to White in a heartfelt statement at the time of her death: 'I am shocked and deeply saddened by the passing of my sweet Cathriona.

Carrey has released a video on YouTube in which he discusses how painting became therapeutic for him after his split with Jenny McCarthey in 2010.

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