Migrants:700 pushed back after attempt to storm Ceuta border

Patrice Gainsbourg
Agosto 10, 2017

An inflatable boat packed with suspected migrants from Africa has arrived on a Spanish beach, with sunbathers filming as dozens of people fled the boat and ran to safety.

Beachgoers watched as around two dozen suspected migrants scattering on the beach in Cadiz, Spain.

People are seen leaping from the boat as it approached the shoreline before desperately running up the beach. He was later supported by local agents from Tarifa and Barbate.

"Migrants have said: 'Once you decide to take the risk, it is the route (Morocco-Spain) with the least risk, '" Villa said.

The Guardia Civil did not provide any more details about the number of migrants on board, or whether they had since been located. El Mundo reports that 149 migrants were rescued by maritime rescue vessels over the course of one weekend at the end of July.

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De acordo com a imprensa britânica, a polícia não está a tratar este caso como um ataque terrorista. As autoridades informam que o local foi evacuado por precaução e que será vedado para investigação.

So far, 8,200 migrants have arrived in the country this year - that's triple the number compared with this time last year and already more than the total for 2016, according to Organization for Migration (IOM).

Also, Inigo Villa, head of the disaster management unit at the Red Cross, said the number of arrivals from north Africa is likely to increase further due to the good summer weather.

Thursday morning, about 700 migrants tried to storm the border crossing between Spain's North African enclave of Ceuta and Morocco.

While the average price demanded by smugglers for the journey has doubled over the past year to about 1,000 euros (900 pounds), it is still cheaper than other routes, Frontex said.

The incident took place around 2pm on Wednesday at Los Alemanes beach, just south of the village of Zahara de los Atunes, in the province of Cadiz. "It is always about going the shortest way".

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