A silent, 10-minute song is climbing the iTunes charts

Patrice Gainsbourg
Agosto 11, 2017

Released just yesterday, many people are agreeing it is a very good song and have helped it climb the iTunes chart, reaching #42 just behind radio favorites like Ed Sheeran's 'Shape of You.' The song is receiving high praise, iTunes reviewers are calling it life changing and thanking Rezhami for his creation. (By the way, there's a reason why it's 9:58 minutes and not full 10 minutes. iTunes charges for a full album once a song goes beyond 10 minutes).

A weird music track has become an unexpected hit on the iTunes charts, rising above the likes of Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake - and there's not a single word or note to be heard on it.

The blank iTunes song is not being used as a meditation aid, nor it is seen as a metaphorical representation of something.

Every single time I plug my iPhone into my vehicle to listen to some tunes, the music always starts with the same bloody song.

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The blank iTunes song, with is cleverly titled with five As so it is the top song alphabetically, gets to be the first one played every time an iPhone is plugged. Its 10-minute duration gives iPhone owners enough time to line up the songs that they want to hear for their trip and also saves users from hearing the opening lines of the same song whenever they simply want to charge their iPhone in their auto.

By downloading the £0.79 track this will bypass the frustrating feature.

Now that we know why the silent iTunes song has risen in popularity, the next question to ask is whether Apple will allow the track to stay on iTunes.

"A a a a a Very Good Song" is certainly not a real track, but Apple takes a cut from every sale.

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