Moped robbers drag woman to ground in Lewisham

Patrice Gainsbourg
Agosto 11, 2017

The video, released by police on Friday (11 August), shows a man wearing a crash helmet dragging the woman to the ground on a residential street as two men on mopeds loiter in the background.

The man's aim was to steal her gold necklace worth £600.

She resists the entire time and he eventually pulls the necklace off and runs towards the waiting motorbike.

The ruthless attack took place outside a Hindu temple in Lewisham at about 4.40pm on June 20. All three suspects had black crash helmets on.

The first suspect was described as wearing a black crash helmet, white shirt, a dark blue jacket with grey pants and black shoes.

The second was wearing a black crash helmet, blue shoes and a gray tracksuit with white stripes.

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The third was also wearing a black crash helmet, a grey hooded top, dark pants and white trainers.

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Detective Constable Alexander Hamilton said: "We are urgently seeking any information regarding this nasty crime, which has left the victim shaken from her ordeal".

"Please come forward if you know anything, witnessed anything, or you know who the men in the CCTV images are", he said.

It is the latest in a spate of moped attacks across London, with the Metropolitan Police saying there have been 8,192 moped-enabled offences recorded so far this year.

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