Eclipse Viewing: Prioritizing Your Vision And Properly Protecting The Eye

Eloi Lecerf
Agosto 12, 2017

Here's our first look.

The total solar eclipse is less than 10 days away. Long-range weather forecasting is much better suited for giving us an idea of the general conditions over larger areas of the country.

Places nearby the path of the total eclipse, like Washington state, experience the total eclipse.

The GFS computer model still has a chance for showers across Kentucky and Indiana. The results will changeover the next week or so, quite possibly taking on a completely different result.

The LAS will be handing out 150 certified solar glasses for free at the Jeffersonville Township Public Library at 6 p.m. August 16.

He saw a line of llamas gather together to see a total eclipse with him and his fellow astronomers in Bolivia. Over 90 minutes we should see the evolution in the corona and see the corona changing.

Don't rely on this, though.

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However, it's essential that anyone planning to watch the eclipse gets proper eye protection.

Don't look at the eclipse, unless of course you live in the backwoods of Tennessee.

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To be clear, totality means 100 percent of the sun is covered.

So how can you watch the eclipse then?

If you happen to be along the path of totality and the sky is overcast when the Moon's shadow crosses your location, the light won't just dim. The sun will look like a dark hole in the sky. Most cameras, and even many camera phones, have adjustable exposures, which can help you darken or lighten your image during the tricky eclipse lighting. For more information, see and However, experts caution against viewing the event directly as your eyes may be exposed to damaging ultraviolet rays. The first one may be visible from Louisville although it is more like to be seen in the totality areas and close to the total eclipse areas. "For 20 years it's been one of my bucket list items; if something doesn't work, I have seven more years to the next one, right?" Wear your solar glasses during this phase if you are looking directly at it.

The last bead gleams so brightly around the moon's silhouette, as the sun's spiky corona becomes visible, that the eclipse looks like a diamond ring in the sky.

The best place to view the August 21 total solar eclipse will be in Hopkinsville and will last just over two minutes and 40 seconds.

Again, do NOT use any eclipse glasses that aren't NASA-approved.

"It is certainly risky to look at the sun with a naked eye and that's why it's important to get the correct glasses", Merlo says. "Even that 1% of the sun's energy will be enough to potentially damage your eye", Merlo says.

Even if it is cloudy.


For the moon, earth and sun, this is a no-pressure natural event.

Brown pelicans and frigatebirds that had been foraging over the water before the eclipse left the bay 13 minutes before totality and didn't return until 12 minutes after the solar disk was fully revealed.

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