Legal Action against a postal vote on gay marriage in Australia

Patrice Gainsbourg
Agosto 12, 2017

Australia could legalize same-sex marriage by as early as the end of this year, after the government announced an attempt to hold a national vote on the issue.

While other countries have decided on same-sex marriage in the courts or in parliament, lawmakers in Australia have spent months bickering about mechanisms.

The Greens, the labor party and the independent campaign for a parliamentary vote free, in which the elect would not be bound by the party line, a procedure which is more simple, less costly for the taxpayer and which would not, according to them, on discussions clivants.

Campaigners question the legal validity of the postal plebiscite and the expenditure of $122 million for the vote.

Dublin man Stephen Dawson, who is environment minister in Western Australia's Labor government, married Dennis Liddelow in December 2013 when same-sex marriage was very briefly legal in the Australian Capital Territory.

I agree the whole debate has been a dog's breakfast and a plebiscite is an enormous waste of money when a vote on the floor of parliament could get the job done.

"Let's all join the movement for marriage equality".

Several Liberal Party lawmakers have expressed exasperation with the handful of colleagues, including former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who have resisted a simple vote in Parliament.

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Deputy Senate leader Mathias Cormann said Turnbull's government is "absolutely committed" to "give the Australian people a say on whether or not the definition of marriage should be changed", after their meeting Monday.

"Why are we stopping people from loving each other?" asked prominent TV host Karl Stefanovic on the Nine network. "Two people who want to share their lives together".

The Senate blocked the plebiscite back in November.

"It's about my right to be able to stand in front of my family and friends and say "I do" to [my partner] Virginia". "This is a vote because some in the Coalition can never countenance equality and they are never going to change their minds".

If previous polls on this are correct, the vast majority of Australians are in favour of marriage equality.

"It's exposing our children to that kind of hatred".

Late previous year, the Australian Upper House Senate rejected a government proposal on the matter, with opponents saying they believed it was best dealt with by a free vote in Parliament.

A In a move that has attracted controversy, the Australian Bureau of Statistics will run the postal ballot instead of the Australian Electoral Commission.

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