NRATV Host Appears to Joke North Korea Should Bomb Sacramento

Patrice Gainsbourg
Agosto 12, 2017

In the wake of North Korea's threats to launch a strike on United States territory Guam amid rising tensions, NRA TV host Grant Stinchfield had a bright idea.

The rogue state has threatened to launch missiles at Guam, which is a US territory.

Guam is now preparing residents for a possible nuclear attack by North Korea, after the Pyonyang regime claimed Wednesday that it would develop a plan by mid-August to launch four missiles near the U.S. Pacific territory.

"I regret making a joke about such a serious topic and I have deleted the tweet", Stinchfield said.

Sacramento is the state capital of California, whose strict gun laws have repeatedly earned the ire of the National Rifle Association.

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The tweet was later deleted early afternoon on Friday, but by then hundreds of people had responded.

The NY Daily News reported on the incident on Friday, and noted that Stinchfield apologized for the tweet, and called it a "joke". "What's going on is no laughing matter".

Stinchfield's NRA show, The Stinchfield Report, previously had spoken out against escalating tensions between the USA and North Korea, and said "there is nothing amusing about an attack on America".

Tensions have also increased as reports surfaced that North Korea's missiles now have the ability to carry a nuclear warhead.

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