Police officer forced off side of freeway by drunk driver

Patrice Gainsbourg
Agosto 12, 2017

Almost two weeks after surviving that 15-foot fall, Officer Rashad Carter is still recovering from injuries to his back and legs.

Despite the freeway being blocked, the suspected drunk driver, Bianca Bennett, 25, drove at a speed of 75 miles per hour and hit the auto involved in the crash and then careened towards Carter, who jumped off the freeway's cement barrier to avoid getting hit; he fell down 16 feet to the road below.

Authorities tell KTRK that Carter's back was broken in several places, and he lost consciousness when he landed.

"I hear a screeching of tires".

Carter and Herrera jumped off the freeway ramp 16 feet to the ground below. "I turn around and there's a auto right up on me", Carter told investigators. The headlights were facing right on me.

Bennett was charged with intoxication assault on July 28. "I had less than a second to react to the situation", Officer Rashad Carter said in a pre-recorded message from his bed.

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"Drinking and driving is a selfish act", Carter's mother, Debra, said. "I know if I would have froze still, the vehicle would've ran me over, probably would've taken my life".

Herrera suffered minor injuries and was treated and released from the hospital. "The young lady that hit him, she'll get over this too, but you know you have to think about when you drink and drive". "You have to stay off the road when you're drunk".

Carter says she's thankful for the community's support and prayers and says while her son is in pain, he's not paralyzed.

"All I could do was just pray that everything was alright. He's here for a reason".

The Houston Police Department released the video of the incident on Thursday. He also said he's now directing officers to start asking DWI suspects where they were drinking so they can keep track of who's over-serving and take action.

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