Accessory Company Sues Nintendo Over Switch Design

Patrice Gainsbourg
Agosto 13, 2017

Nintendo is being sued by a US mobile gaming accessory company claiming the controllers for the Nintendo Switch console infringe on a patent it owns.

Engadget reports Gamevice filed a lawsuit against Nintendo because the design of its latest system is too similar to Gamevice's Android gaming tablet, the Wikipad. A complaint has been filed by a smaller company named Gamevice. They claim they had come up with the idea for a tablet that had detachable controllers and a device with a "flexible bridge section", before releasing the Wikipad in 2013. They can be attached to the Nintendo Switch for portability, or detached to allow up to two players while the console is propped up on a surface or inserted into its dock. Neither Gamevice nor Nintendo have commented on the lawsuit yet. It features dual analog sticks, four analog buttons, and an analog D-pad.

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In the Nintendo lawsuit, Gamevice is seeking to receive damages for the infringement and to have production and sales of the Nintendo Switch banned. Depending on the result of this outcome, Nintendo might have to redesign the Switch controller. In fact, the console could mark a new era for Nintendo, as its hybrid nature could allow the company to eventually drop its two-gadget strategy. If it gets to that point, where Gamevice wins the settlement, what is to come of the Switch? The accessory company believes Nintendo violated a patent, and that the Switch's detectable Joy-Con controllers are too close to what Gamevice had in mind for its portable device.

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