American Man in Germany Punched for Nazi Salute

Patrice Gainsbourg
Agosto 13, 2017

An American tourist was punched by a passerby in Germany for displaying a Nazi salute several times.

Dresden police said the 41-year-old tourist suffered minor injuries in the assault, which took place at 8am on Saturday, reported Associated Press.

Police report that his "assailant" fled the scene, and is being sought on charges, but I do hope they don't look too hard.

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That's this weekend's object lesson from Germany, a nation that knows a thing or two about Nazis.

The American is now under investigation for violating Germany's blasphemy laws which are very strict when it comes to anything related to Nazi symbolism. Free expression is only a right until it threatens the safety of other people. If convicted, the men face a fine or prison sentence of up to three years. The two tourists were fined almost $600 each but were permitted to leave the country with their tour group, police said. Earlier this month, Switzerland's Supreme Court upheld the conviction of a man who appeared in 2013 photos making the Nazi salute outside a Geneva synagogue.

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