Chaos in Charlottesville Car Plows Into Crowd Warning

Patrice Gainsbourg
Agosto 13, 2017

A group of people described as anti-fascist, anti-racist counter-protesters continued to march in the streets of Charlottesville after the rally was officially shut down. "And by doing this, we hope to show people you do have allies out there".

The video shows a silver auto moving down a narrow street toward protesters marching peacefully and then plowing into the group.

"He slowed down, targeted the crowd and slammed on the gas".

(CNN) - Several pedestrians were struck Saturday in a three-vehicle crash in Charlottesville, Virginia, where police were dispersing demonstrators from a white-nationalist and right-wing rally, the Virginia State Police said on Twitter.

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Charlottesville police tell CBS News at least four people are injured.

Charlottesville has been the scene of recent unrest as neo-Nazis and white nationalists have clashed with counter-protesters over the last few days.

NBC will continue to provide updates as they receive them.

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