Elon Musk: AI Poses 'Vastly More Risk Than North Korea'

Judith Bessette
Agosto 13, 2017

Always tweeting Tesla (TSLA) CEO Elon Musk doesn't seem too scared of North Korean nuclear missiles striking his USA based Gigafactory.

"If you are anxious about the safety of artificial intelligence, you should worry about. Vastly more risk than North Korea", Musk tweeted Friday, referencing Kim Jong Un's threat of a missile strike on Guam.

Google Gender Discrimination Scandal Shocks the World
However, some of these women are claiming that they only get paid two thirds of a man's wage. "Google is not alone in Silicon Valley", Finberg said.

Elon Musk seems kind of nervous about the future of artificial intelligence - but not enough to stop developing it. Musk has called for regulation of AI in the past, saying just last month that regulation is needed now or "by the time we are reactive in AI regulation, it's too late". Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking have also issued warnings regarding AI.

Musk's comments were in reference to his non-profit start-up, OpenAI, defeating several of the world's best players at a video game, reports The Hill magazine.

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