FDA Recalls PharmaTech Liquid Products for B. cepacia Contamination Risk

Oceane Deschanel
Agosto 13, 2017

A major concern is that infection by Burkholderia cepacia may be hard to treat, as the bacteria shows resistance to several antibiotics, the CDC warned. The recalled products were distributed nationwide at wholesale and retail facilities including hospitals and pharmacies. Consumers can contact their physician or healthcare provider if they have additional questions about this product.

The recall, which distributors issued as a precautionary measure, follows a separate recall Rugby initiated last week after the FDA received two reports of Burkholderia cepacia infections in patients that may be linked to liquid stool softeners manufactured by PharmaTech. A number of the infections required intensive medical care.

The regulatory agency previously had warned against using PharmaTech's oral liquid docusate, after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention detected a strain of the bacteria in the product following a 2016 multistate outbreak of infections.

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At the time, the FDA advised healthcare professionals and patients not to use liquid docusate products made at PharmaTech's Davie, Florida, facility.

However, determining which products were manufactured by PharmaTech could prove hard "because these liquid products are not labeled with a PharmaTech label", the safety alert states. You can consult the FDA recall announcement for a list of recalled products with photos.

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