Only licensed elephant hunter Nawab Shafat hired to kill elephant

Patrice Gainsbourg
Agosto 13, 2017

Jharkhand's chief forest and wildlife conservator L.R. Singh said the decision to kill the animal was made after a team failed to tranquilise and capture the elephant during a week-long mission. The animal had allegedly killed four people in Bihar in March before crossing into the neighbouring state of Jharkhand where it killed 11 more people.

Picture Courtesy: NDTVNew Delhi: Just hours after being called in by authorities, India's top hunter from Hyderabad Nawab Shafat Ali Khan shot the rogue elephant late on Friday.

"This entire belt is inhabited by native tribal communities who have co-existed with wildlife for centuries, the elephant's behaviour - that he was literally stalking humans - is still a mystery", he told AFP.

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It must be noted that Saturday was World Elephant Day , As Reported By Siyasat. He has to shoot the second time because at first he didn't fell and started to swing his trunk in angry at the hunting party.

"It was quite a hard operation because of the thick bushes and since the animal had turned rogue it charged at us before I pulled the trigger", Khan said. For the past week, 24×7 forest department team has been trying their best. "So he had no choice rather than shooting the elephant". "It was quite a hard operation because of the thick bushes, and since the animal had turned rogue it charged at us before I pulled the trigger". Each year on 12 August celebrate and asked to help protect elephants from the threats but this day was not so lucky for this poor marauding elephant.

According to forest officials, a hunter shot two bullets on the head of the animal, and another round was sacked as a confirmation shot. Khan said it was the seventh elephant he had killed, adding that in the past he had also killed five tigers and eight leopards that had threatened people in other parts of the country.

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