Team Liquid Wins the Dota 2 International Tournament, $10.7 Million Grand Prize

Eloi Lecerf
Agosto 13, 2017

Although Liquid earned a few teamfight wins throughout the mid game and late game, LFY's advantage proved to be too much to handle.

First LGD.Forever Young will face Team Liquid in the Lower Bracket Finals.

Liquid, meanwhile, dropped to the lower bracket of the tournament after the first round, and were forced to play facing elimination over the entire week.

The Grand Finals, then, were set: Newbee, the slayers of the dominating team, versus Liquid, the up-and-coming assassin which kicked and stomped through the lower bracket to perform on the final day. Liquid won as the only surviving Western team after four Chinese Dota 2 teams made it into the top six. This secured Newbee a guaranteed top two finish for TI7, and their almost $4 million prize. Despite brief signs of life from Newbee, a full team wipe inside the Radiant base led to a tap-out at 27 minutes, putting Liquid up one game in the best-of-five finals.

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Liquid rode their lower bracket momentum into game one, which resulted in an early rout that went unchallenged for half an hour as the European Union team ran over Newbee, in large part thanks to roaming offlane play of Ivan Borislavov "MinD_ContRoL" Ivanov as Nature's Prophet. Before this, there has never been a 3-0 grand final. With exciting plays and unusual strategies by Liquid to take down the Chinese dark horse, Liquid eventually took the series 2-1 before the Grand Final later that day.

Team Liquid has sponsored champions in games such as Starcraft, League of Legends and more, but none of the organization's Dota 2 iterations have come this far in official Valve events.

Team Empire, Seventh/Eight Place $600,000+.

Now, however, one of eSports' most iconic franchises has claimed Dota 2's biggest prize, as Team Liquid emerged as the winning side of The International 7, taking home over $10 million Dollars in prize money for its victory. It was led by Dota 2 veteran "KuroKy" Kuro Salehi Takhasomi from Germany with members "MATUMBAMAN" Lasse Urpalainen from Finland, "Miracle-" Amer Al-Barkawi from Jordan, "MinD_ContRoL" Ivan Borislavov Ivanov from Bulgaria and "GH" Maroun Merhej from Lebanon.

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