Trump warns North Korea against making 'overt' threats

Patrice Gainsbourg
Agosto 13, 2017

French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday warned against an "escalation of tensions" over North Korea amid a growing war of words between Washington and Pyongyang. Guam is a U.S. territory in an area of the Pacific that North Korea has threatened to strike with missiles.

"This legislation, which maintains the President's ability to immediately retaliate against a nuclear strike, will provide an opportunity to reduce tensions and prevent a catastrophic nuclear confrontation", Cicilline said.

North Korea's estimated splashdown of missiles aimed toward Guam would place them just outside Guam's 12-nautical-mile territorial waters.

As the crisis has unfolded, Trump has alternated praising China for its help and chiding it for not doing more.

On Friday, the Defense Ministry said it was deploying four of Japan's surface-to-air Patriot interceptors in western Japan to respond to a possible risk of fragments falling from missiles.

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DPRK stands for North Korea's official name, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Trump's comment prompted North Korea's military to announce that it was considering an attack on the US territory of Guam. "We are considering additional sanctions at a very, very high level".

"I get it, I understand wanting to say that, but this is like a hostage situation". He dismissed criticism directed at his rhetoric, saying the only reason is "because it's me".

China's president delivered a direct message to President Trump: Ease up on the North Korea rhetoric. But I will tell you, we have tens of millions of people in this country that are so happy with what I am saying, because they say finally we have a president that's sticking up for our nation and frankly, sticking up for our friends and our allies. North Korea dominated the conversation between the two leaders, according to a readout of the call. As China reissues its calls for calm between the U.S. and North Korea and warns Donald Trump not to "play with fire".

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