Yolo County going 'luner' for solar eclipse

Patrice Gainsbourg
Agosto 13, 2017

This extraordinary cosmic spectacle will pass through 13 states, and everyone in the continental USA will have the opportunity to see at least a partial eclipse, making it the most widely viewed American eclipse of all time. This ever-changing region grows and shrinks based on solar conditions، and researchers will use the eclipse as a ready-made experiment. It will cast a shadow and will show an image of the sun through a small hole. NOVA will also collaborate with several local public television stations along the path of totality, who will provide footage shot in their own back yards, illustrating the excitement the eclipse generates across the nation. Depending on the size of the tree, you could see up to thousands of tiny little crescent-shaped slivers of the sun's shadow on the ground.

From everything I've read it is worth the trip to travel and see the total eclipse. The mirror acts as a large "pin-hole", *and* it redirects the light so you can shine it on a nearby wall. "The sun was totally blocked out and you could see the aurora around the sun", Smith said that moment it went dark "you could see the peace and quiet in god's creation". Astronomers call that an annular solar eclipse. Eclipse viewers will gather in front of the Webb Center on Kaufman Mall at the Pretlow Planetarium from 1 p.m. until 4:30 p.m. Some devotees spend virtually all those precious minutes searching! "And I speak as a lifelong aficionado of observing out-of-season or otherwise "strange" stars". It's a big one because our neck of the woods is close to the path where it will be a total eclipse, which hasn't occurred here in a long time. These are known as solar prominences.

However، the total solar eclipse will also have imperceptible effects، such as the sudden loss of extreme ultraviolet radiation from the Sun، which generates the ionised layer of Earth's atmosphere، called the ionosphere.

Solar Eclipses foretell major life changes and events about to happen.

Day 1 of the PGA Championship at Quail Hollow
A near two-hour delay held up the later starters, but when play resumed Matsuyama secured two more birdies to match the American. He failed to birdie the drivable par-4 14th or the par-5 15th, missing a birdie putt from just inside 10 feet.

"On the first day of the month of May, on the day of the Saint Prophet Jeremiah, on Wednesday, during the evening service, there was a sign in the Sun. It was bad to see this sign of the Lord".

But other sections of the nation - including Yolo County - while not directly under the sun-moon combo, will be able to view a partial eclipse.

Solar eclipse over the Grand Canyon.

There is plenty of information on how to safely view the August 21 total solar eclipse as it makes its way across North America.

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