Emmanuel says 'Princess Diana was not nervous on her wedding day'

Rebecca Barbier
Agosto 14, 2017

The commitment from Prince William and Harry to continue their mother's legacy and supporting mental health charities, while also speaking openly about their own struggles have contributed in Morton's view to "a more expressive nation, a more touchy-feely nation than we were perhaps 30 or 40 years ago".

Wharfe also says Diana was left feeling triumphant after the Prince of Wales was criticised over the "Camillagate" tape she branded "sick" for its infamous tampon reference.

"I love seeing the sort of uncomplicated way that they deal with people, and put them at their ease", he said. It was recently revealed that they both got to keep a special piece of jewelry from her life so that they can keep their mother close.

When your big sister is royalty, literally, what on earth do you buy her as a gift?

"And it was a letter with the royal crest of Windsor Castle", Burrell said, "It was in the queen's hand and her writing was: 'I have consulted with the Archbishop of Canterbury and with the prime minister and, of course, with Charles and we have decided that the best course for you is divorce'".

Beyond her own extraordinary transformation, Morton credits Princess Diana for reshaping the image of the monarchy and shifting the culture.

Amid a voyage through Pakistan in 1991, Diana and her company were engaged by the condom caper while on a flight.

"She was such an incredible human being, how could something like that, that tragedy, happen to her?" "It's hard because obviously Catherine didn't know her, so she can not really provide that level of detail. It's important that they know who she was and that she existed".

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A replica of the personalized necklace Pippa Middleton gave to her sister after the birth of Duchess Kate's first child, George.

"Diana related her entire marriage story to us via her body language which is why this interview is so poignant and telling", Judi told us.

"I love the fact that there's still such veneration inside her immediate family for what she was, and what she meant".

In the recordings, Diana says that Charles, who is first in line to become the monarch when the queen dies, once told her, "I refuse to be the only Prince of Wales who never had a mistress". It is the first and only time her two sons, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Prince Harry, have sat for on-camera interviews about that week.

Diana and her brother Charles caller her "Acid Raine".

Ms Emanuel said: "I think that is so disgusting". And Diana deserves a place in history.

I think that it's important for people who are under 35, who probably won't remember her at all, to remember that this is a special person.

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