'Game of Thrones' Added a Big New Location to the Opening Credits

Patrice Gainsbourg
Agosto 14, 2017

Bronn tells him that he doesn't get to die until he gets his money.

Tyrion walks the grounds of the battle taking stock. Some of them remain standing, but Drogon roars at them to think twice. He let Tyrion touch him and remove his chains. Especially since his new queen (Cersei) murdered his old one (Olenna). RIP Dickon, hopefully the last of his name.

Tyrion and Lord Varys drink wine while talking about Daenerys' decision to burn the men alive.

The last time Game of Thrones named an episode after a notable Northern location, it was season five's "Hardhome", which featured one of the single most stunning action sequences in the show's storied history. She made Ned promise to take care of the child as his own.

Cersei knew about the meeting and tells Jaime an important detail - she's pregnant.

Jaime reports to Cersei in her chambers. Daenerys was overcome with emotion and introduced him to Jon. They rename Gendry "Clovis", then he kills two Lannister guards so they can escape.

Cersei basically calls Jaime a bitch: "So we fight and die or we submit and die".

"Dragons are where our partnership ends", says Bron.

Jon waits on the cliffside for Dany to return with Drogon.

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HBO not only wisely spent their money on this particular face-to-face, but they did an excellent job animating Drogon's emotions.

As the dragon landed on the Dragonstone beach, Jon looked on in awe as the Mother of Dragons dismounted from her favorite child.

But before all that, there's a few things to discuss about where we left our heroes last time. Thus, Jon and his motley crew of Westerosi sundries are going to seal the deal for Cersei and everyone else by Operation Dumbo-dropping a White Walker into King's Landing to drive home the point.

Eager to serve, Ser Jorah agrees to go beyond the Wall and wrangle a White Walker. But he later learned he's the bastard son of King Robert Baratheon... a fact that makes him a serious contender to rule all of Westeros.

You can always rely on Jon Snow to deliver the goods in a cave!

Heart eyes, heart eyes, heart eyes. He wants to send ravens.

Regardless, Samwell leaves the Citadel, still not knowing his dad and brother are dead and that he is now the head of House Tarley. Jon watches on in curiosity. Lady Sansa quells their restlessness, then needs to beat back Arya's insolence, too. There was even a rumor that she had been Aerys' mistress when she was younger. She breaks into Littlefinger's room and reads the note. I'm expecting this rift between Sansa and Arya to keep growing.

Or as Jon Snow put it, they're all on the same side because, they're "all breathing". "The Wall." He described a castle that very much fits the description of Eastwatch by the Sea, the Night's Watch fortress on the easternmost edge of the enormous Wall that separates the Seven Kingdoms from the uncharted frozen lands beyond, a cold wasteland that makes the North's talk of winter look like a midsummer dream.

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