'I like Mourinho a lot' - Willian reveals failed move to Man Utd

Vincent De Villiers
Agosto 14, 2017

"But I am happy for him that he scored a goal after that and I'm sure that he will continue to score goals and that he will score many this season".

Speaking to Sky Sports, Conte identified the "crazy transfer market" as the main reason for Chelsea's decision to sell Matic - who had two years left to run on his contract this summer and declined to commit to an extension - while admitting that his squad has lost a "top player".

"We always had more goals with wingers, midfielders getting 10 goals, central defenders getting five goals, and last season that didn't happen much". Was it his dream to go and play for Manchester United?

"There are a lot of variables that aren't easy but from the outside, it does seem odd to let that player go to a direct rival - and he will improve them". He's going to strengthen Manchester United. Lampard does not believe the situation will make the Frenchman's adaptation to the Premier League harder, but he conceded that the challenge facing the 22-year-old is a significant one.

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"It takes time, I know that from experience of going to United at a young age".

The Brazilian also gave his thoughts on the difference between Conte and Mourinho in their approach to football and coaching. We are the most physical league. He has put his trust in me and in my work, and I was very grateful to him.

This led Gary Neville to speculate that Chelsea did not voluntarily sell Matic and Lampard believes the possibility of that is likely as he too was surprised that the Premier League champions would sell a key player to a direct rival. "They've had an outflux, a lot of players have gone but majority were squad players and young players who probably won't affect the first XI that much".

"So I would think that he would definitely want more, and I think they are probably short of where he wanted them to be at this stage of the season". "Hopefully by the time the window shuts it all comes together, and then the club moves forward".

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