Pokemon Go Has Shiny Mewtwo With Stat Changes, Hints At Next Legendary

Eloi Lecerf
Agosto 14, 2017

We'll have more Mewtwo coverage throughout the day, so keep watching our Pokemon Facebook page for more coverage. This powerful Legendary Pokemon made a surprise appearance at the Pokemon Go Stadium event in Japan earlier this morning, which gave players a chance to team up and defeat it as a Legendary Raid Boss. So far in terms of legendaries Niantic has dropped Lugia, Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, and of course, Mewtwo, in order. The Raichu that you get from the Shiny Pikachu will also have an off-color.

From the stats shown above that were listed by Battle Calculator detailed the changes shipped to Mewtwo, it looks like several of the Pokemon's stats were lowered.

Things went off a bit more smoothly though, as aside from a livestream being cancelled Mewtwo's raids popped up as planned. With Pokemon appearing all over the place and special events occurring all the time, the festival would be the flawless time to release Mewtwo.

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Mewtwo has officially appeared in Pokemon Go!

The Pokemon Go Stadium event is likely the launching point for a new Legendary, a special event that's set to take place tomorrow.

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