Trump threatens military option in Venezuela

Rebecca Barbier
Agosto 14, 2017

"Trump is, in some way, validating all the options the United States has against Venezuela, since former President Barack Obama declared the country an unusual and extraordinary threat to USA national security in 2015", he explained.

Ricardo Luna, foreign minister of Peru, which has been a fierce critic of Mr Maduro, said: "All foreign or domestic threats to resort to force undermine the goal of reinstating democratic governance in Venezuela, as well as the principles enshrined in the United Nations charter".

On Friday evening, Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon said the Defense Department has not been ordered to make any military movements related to Venezuela - but is prepared for that if need be.

But even as the list of targeted individuals has grown longer, promised economic sanctions have yet to materialize amid an outcry by USA oil companies over the likelihood that a potential ban on petroleum imports from Venezuela - the third-largest supplier to the US - would hurt and drive up gas costs.

Trump's comment mark a serious escalation in rhetoric for the US, which has up until now stressed a regional approach that encourages Latin American allies to escalate pressure on the Maduro regime.

Arreaza closed by reiterating Maduro's interest to have a conversation with Trump.

"I think they consider Pence more predictable and measured", she said.

Confrontation with North Korea not imminent
But they're also saying that the possibility of war with the reclusive Asian nation is greater than it was a decade ago. Trump warned last week that North Korea would be met with "fire and fury" if it continued to threaten his country.

"There's a whole cottage industry of anti-American leaders who will seize on anything to portray themselves as victims of the USA, so this plays into the narrative and you have to be careful of that".

Bolivian President Evo Morales also condemned on Saturday the "armed interventionist eagerness by the United States against Venezuela", slamming the global community for keeping silent.

"The president is obviously growing impatient with a risky thug holding 30 million people hostage, with cowardly snipers murdering hungry democracy protesters", Roger Noriega, a former USA ambassador to the Organization of American States and assistant secretary of state for Western hemisphere affairs told McClatchy. Until now, Washington has always denied it had any military intentions against Venezuela.

North Korea's continued nuclear proliferation is responsible for Trump's talk of a potential military intervention. Everything is now ready and we guarantee there won't be greater affectations to the population of the city, ' General Poveda said.

"We have many options for Venezuela and by the way, I'm not going to rule out a military option", Trump volunteered, adding, "A military operation and military option is certainly something that we could pursue".

Jim Wyss reported from Bogota, Colombia.

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