Is WannaCry back again? South Korea LG service centres hit by ransomware

Eloi Lecerf
Agosto 17, 2017

WannaCry, a ransomware, is in the list of world's biggest cyber attacks ever. While the news died down a little over the last few months, the hackers have not.

This is the first ransomware attack reported in Delhi as earlier attacks were limited to isolated incidents in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Kerala and West Bengal. Around 200 computers have been affected by WannaCry at Rachna Sagar Private Limited in Delhi on August 9, according to a recent report by Indian Express.

It is not yet known if someone at the backend was tricked into installing the ransomware or if an insider had deliberately installed the malware into the systems. The WannaCry malware attack exploits potential vulnerabilities of computer systems as hackers encrypt all files and demand ransom in exchange for unlocking them.

When the IT staff at the publishing company tried to diagnose the problem, they found that they had been at the receiving end of a ransomware attack.

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It is still unclear how the attack occurred and whether the ransomware used contains the original WannaCry code or a different variant of it. IE reported that the matter is under investigation and the data has yet not been recovered. The complaint has reportedly been registered at Darya Ganj police station. Employees have not been able to conduct any business since the day of the cyber attack.

"This morning, when we started our work and opened Busy software, we received a text message which said our files are encrypted. The message said we have to pay money to enable decryption of our files".

Employees at the publishing firm have reported that the ransomware has locked out access to the live account of their accounting software, which is called "Busy".

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