Nielsen Including Facebook, Hulu, YouTube In Digital Ratings

Vincent De Villiers
Agosto 17, 2017

It's fair to assume that even more digital companies will focus on their online video content following Nielsen's decision.

That added capability, delivered via Nielsen's Digital Content Ratings, will enable TV and digital publisher clients to capture viewing of their content within their reported audience numbers, Nielsen said, noting that this "consistent and transparent view ensures a level playing field" because it provides access to the same information across both publishers and platforms.

By including viewership of distributed content on three of the industry's largest digital platforms, publishers can demonstrate the breadth of their audiences, Nielsen said. When the company's digital content ratings were introduced in the fall of previous year, the idea was to gauge audiences across desktop and mobile devices.

NEW YORK-Facebook and YouTube views will become an official measuring source for Nielsen Digital Content Ratings, per a new press release. "Nielsen's Digital Content Ratings are necessary for accurate audience measurement in today's digital universe". But while this new system might have Facebook sweating, businesses like Buzzfeed, Mic, and Refinery29 are excited to be able to see just how far their sites can reach.

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"Having a more complete understanding of how audiences build across platforms will help inform our strategies, and we are looking forward to seeing more progress made on this front." said Brian Hughes, senior vice president of audience intelligence and strategy at Interpublic Group's Magna Global, in a statement.

Broadening its visibility into the world of digital video and OTT distribution, Nielsen said it will begin crediting video content distributed on Facebook, Hulu and YouTube.

Publishers can get credit for video distributed on Facebook and YouTube, while Hulu will provide select partners with credit for current series distributed on its streaming-video service.

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