Beyoncé releases Limited Edition Book "How to Make Lemonade"

Rebecca Barbier
Agosto 19, 2017

Among the candid images include Beyonce sitting in a bath, appearing to practice for her Super Bowl Halftime Show cameo during Coldplay's headline set in February 2016, Blue Ivy running away from Jay-Z with a football and the five-year-old sitting on her aunt Solange Knowles' lap.

Today, Beyoncé released How to Make Lemonade, an expansive 600-page book that finally takes the audience behind-the-scenes with an array of exclusive photos, outtakes, and art that sheds light on her dynamic use of fashion to convey her message in her Lemonade album.

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Retailing for $299 Dollars, the How To Make Lemonade box set was made available for pre-order on her website today. Altogether, the new release gives a comprehensive look at the themes and inspiration of the award-winning album. The extensive collectors' edition will also include a double vinyl LP, audio and visual album downloads all for the retail price of $299.98. Riddled with juicy verses documenting what many believed to be trouble in paradise for music's most powerful couple and a web of scandals to follow, the singer had us wrapped around her finger.

Lemonade is Beyonce's sixth solo studio album and topped the Billboard 200 chart while also earning a Grammy album of the year nomination, only to narrowly lose out to Adele's 25 in February 2017, and selling around three million copies to date. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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