DNA evidence may exonerate death row inmate whose time is nearly up

Patrice Gainsbourg
Agosto 22, 2017

Justice Neil M. Gorsuch, with whom the appeal was filed Monday, has not yet offered a ruling.

She was stabbed to death inside her University City home in 1998.

The newly acquired evidence shows Williams' DNA was not found on the murder weapon, Williams' lawyers say, though DNA from another male was found.

"There is evidence that has not been considered by a court", says Chapel.

Williams' conviction was based on the testimonies of two convicted felons who had their eyes on a $10,000 reward, Gipson said, the Post reported. It was rubbed and friction is what transfers DNA.

Hampikian added that the DNA analysis of the knife isn't enough to incriminate someone, but it is enough to exclude somebody. Previous testing of hairs found on Gayle's shirt and under her fingernails also exclude Williams, and a shoe print at the scene isn't Williams' either. "What separates Mr. Williams from many others is that he may be a case of actual innocence", Missourinet reported.

"It would not have been unreasonable for (Williams) to wear gloves during the burglary and subsequent murder", prosecutors wrote in a court filing, to explain why his DNA was not on the knife.

Williams was also tied to stolen items from Gayle's home.

Williams got picked up about three weeks after Gayle was killed on unrelated charges. One was Williams' former girlfriend and the other was his former cellmate. Now it is up to the US Supreme Court to decide whether or not to stall the lethal injection, or allow it to proceed. Gayle was a reporter at the Post-Dispatch from 1981 to 1992, leaving to do social work.

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The case has drawn high-profile advocates.

But the Missouri State Supreme Court has denied a request put forth by Williams' lawyer, Kent Gipson, to review the new evidence.

"It's gaining public attention", Amnesty International researcher Rob Freer said of the case.

"Our office is confident in Marcellus Williams' guilt and plans to move forward", Paradise said.

The execution would be carried out at the prison in Bonne Terre.

"Given the tenets of his religion (Islam) that he is very devout about, he believes it will be Allah's will and he is at peace with that", Komp said. "I think tomorrow he's going to be murdered. He (is) an innocent man, and that's not right", the younger Williams told CNN Monday.

"Someone murdered that woman, but it wasn't my father", he said.

Gayle's widower, Dan Picus, is declining interviews, according to his wife.

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