Cabrera, Romine among 8 ejections as Yanks, Tigers brawl

Vincent De Villiers
Agosto 25, 2017

Short and sweet, here's what happened.

Tensions had risen even earlier, after Tigers starting pitcher Michael Fulmer hit Yankees designated hitter Gary Sanchez with a pitch in the previous inning. Gary Sanchez smashed his 26th home run of the season, his ninth since being benched for one game, driving in three early runs that set the tone of the game. Fulmer strongly disputed that, blaming numbness in his fingers for losing command of the pitch. Something was said between Cabrera and catcher Austin Romine, though it's not clear what. Cabrera is a future Hall of Famer, while Romine should probably be out of the big leagues by now. "All I can say is that I'm able to do what I just did, as far as flat grounds and bullpens, because the arm is feeling better. Somebody's gotta pay attention to what's going on in this game".

Asked if it bothered him that teammates would get into a disagreement, he said: "No, again, emotions are running high". Betances was ejected - even as he pleaded his case that he didn't hit McCann on goal - as did Yankees bench coach Rob Thompson, who came out to argue Bestances getting tossed. Betances was visibly upset walking off the field, and Girardi clearly was fuming in the clubhouse.

"I said, 'Oh, wow.' He try to act like he's tough".

But getting back to Sanchez, it was a comment I believe was made by Ken Singleton during the telecast of the game last night that is worthy of mention.

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Kahnle had struck out all three batters he'd faced before throwing a fastball behind Cabrera with two out and none on base in the sixth.

"(Frazier) basically said, 'You did it on objective, ' and I said, 'Hey man, no hard feelings, but you've gotta understand the way this game's going, ' and he told me, basically, 'I got you or whatever, ' and I said, 'OK.' I said, 'It could've been way worse, '" Wilson said.

NY has much more at stake when it comes to potential suspensions, as they are now 4.5 games behind the Boston Red Sox for the top spot in the American League East, while the Tigers are not even close to sniffing a playoff spot. Things continued when David Robertson hit Tigers first baseman John Hicks. Wilson admitted as much. "I think he was just trying to find something that would make him more effective", Ausmus said. "I hope I never see one again".

The Tigers scored another run in the eighth when McCann issued a payback for taking a pitch to the head by homering off Yankees reliever Caleb Smith. "I mean, come on, Brad".

McCann was on the ground but quickly back on his feet and shouting at Betances., who argued the pitch wasn't intentional. Ausmus told local reporters that allegation was false.

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