New Android O operating system is delightfully named Oreo

Patrice Gainsbourg
Setembro 6, 2017

In the most recent count, Nougat had reached 13.5% of Android devices; it's still less prevalent than Android KitKat, which stopped being supported three years ago, and now we have a new version available.

Like KitKat, Google's Android is yet again on a spree of a snack-themed codename for this latest version of Android that has gone commercial and partnered with snack producer, adopting Nabisco's trademarked 'Oreo'.

According to statistics from Chinese Internet giant Tencent, less than 10 percent of Android phones in China are running the relatively new 7.0 OS.

It's a similar story for LG's V30 (it looks like it won't be the flagship for the new Android software like the V20 was, and it's being revealed on August 31), so both LG and Samsung are probably going to roll out Oreo as an update rather than packing into the new devices.

Android Oreo will be the eighth major release of the world's most popular mobile OS. Android Oreo adds a new native picture-in-picture functionality that lets video apps keep a little windowed version running when you switch over to other apps.

The "fragmentation jungle" of Android is still big trouble.Is there a way for Google to force an update?

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Google anointed the software Monday after spending the past few months referring to it as "Android O". To get to that graph now takes several more taps, as it's hidden behind the battery diagram on the settings page.

But, for the record, a number of manufacturers did roll out Nougat before the end of last year, as Google suggests some will this year with Oreo. These are Essential, General Mobile, HMD Global, Huawei, HTC, Kyocera, Motorola, Samsung, Sharp and Sony.

New code inside Android Oreo has shown that Google is planning on making Assistant a lot more useful. This means that all devices should see more battery life once you install Android O on them. It is also easier to locate or wipe your device using the Find My Device app.

At the download concept in this version of Android, the applications no longer need to bundle custom fonts, which helps reduce their size. Developers have a chance to provide a full-bleed square shaped icon and OEMs will mask the icon to ensure intra-device consistency.

Minimizes the the background activity in the apps. This will be better suited to larger devices with larger RAM capabilities.

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