Moon urges new ROK military strategy for "retributions" against the North

Vincent De Villiers
Setembro 29, 2017

President Moon Jae-in salutes during the 69th Armed Forces Day parade in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi, on Thursday.

"Securing counter capabilities against North Korean nuclear and missile threats is the most urgent task". "It is also necessary to significantly develop the Korea Massive Punishment and Retaliation, which is designed for thoroughgoing retributions". "We must further strengthen our offense-based defense system Kill-Chain and Korean missile defense system", he added.

Hong Jun-pyo, the head of the Liberty Korea Party, recently said the "Return of OPCON is basically disbanding the Korea-US military alliance".

"The Korean government's determination to safeguard peace is anchored in formidable national defense capabilities". "Our armed forces' combat strength overwhelms that of North Korea".

"The Defense Ministry is apparently seeking to complete the transfer of wartime operational control three to four years earlier than scheduled timeline of the mid-2020s, which means they are planning to finish the job before the end of President Moon's term", lawmaker Kim said in a statement.

The transfer of wartime operational control was supposedly turned over to South Korea in 2015. Speaking before some 37-hundred military officials and men and women in service at the Navy's Second Fleet in Pyeongtaek South Korea's new commander-in-chief called for utmost efforts to beef up the nation's own defense capabilities.

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National Security Office (NSO) chief Chung Eui-yong reported to lawmakers on Wednesday that the US had promised to "expand the rotational deployment of the strategic assets around the Korean peninsula".

Chung did not identify those assets, but in recent years the United States has often sent long-range strategic bombers and nuclear-powered submarines to South Korea for military drills.

In response, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has sent a letter to the United Nations accusing the USA president of "mentally deranged behavior", and commenting that "a frightened dog barks louder".

According to the agreement, Lee said the authorities of Seoul and Washington were closely consulting on expanded rotational deployment of US strategic assets on the Korean Peninsula.

A total of 33 former POWs reside in South Korea, having returned from North Korea since 1994 after a decadeslong stay in North Korea, according to a government tally.

Moon and U.S. President Donald Trump agreed to expand the assets involved in the rotational deployment at a summit held on September 21, the defense ministry explained.

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