SNES Classic Sells Out in Minutes at Gamestop

Eloi Lecerf
Outubro 1, 2017

SNES fans will remember that the America-centric RPG was released with a guide that doubled as a manual. Each character has their own special item, shield strength, speed, and ship design.

The SNES Classic appears roughly the same size as the NES Classic. Understandably, most of the RPG games are also more than 10MB+ in size. It does not, however, have a battery slot for saving high scores.

Star Fox 2 breaks from tradition as it's structured more as a game of base defense than a pure on-rails shooter. In the tournament, an eliminated team takes home bags of infield dirt as a reminder of their time there.

Free-roam planet missions differ slightly and offer Star Fox 2's best moments. It also includes a frame feature that lets gamers choose a border to the screen. The L and R shoulder buttons control your aim and the D-pad controls forward and backward movement and strafing. Best practice is to continuously check the inventory levels of your local store to spot jumps.

The $80 system fits in the palm of your hand and comes with two controllers, a power cable, and an HDMI cable to hook into a TV.

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And even if you scoff and say, "Well, your rental store was terrible, because I've played them all!", Nintendo has a surprise for you.

But finally when the SNES launched in 1990, it was clear this was a technical marvel, with a rich color palette, sophisticated audio and upgradeable graphics processor.

To the developers' credit, the systems in place that make up the base-defense segments in Star Fox 2 instill a valuable sense of player agency. You'd be hard-pressed to repel every enemy, and you have to put a bit more foresight into your approach through the campaign, despite its brevity. At that time, the holiday period was coming up fast.

To hype the launch of the SNES Classic Edition, Nintendo has been posting interviews with developers of the games that appear on it. Sure, they're on a marketing page for the unit, but in the spirit of the great Iwata Asks roundtable discussions, they're chock full of details on how and why the games were made. Still, you should play this game. If so, head down to the comments section and tell us which game you'll be playing first!

Z over at GeekDad reviews the system in depth, and mentions that Nintendo President Reggie Fils-Aime has promised that production for the SNES Classic was increased to keep the system from being scarce.

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