Samsung announces new VR headset

Patrice Gainsbourg
Outubro 4, 2017

You don't hear much these days about the mixed reality headsets that Microsoft announced a couple of years back at E3, but that changes today with the announcement of a key addition to the software lineup for the Hololens and other Windows VR headsets.

According to Samsung, the Windows Mixed Reality and Windows Mixed Reality Ultra badges will highlight devices "that provide great Windows Mixed Reality experiences" and "a curated list of hero devices will be tested, qualified for getting the badges this Holiday".

There's a new Halo title on the way, and it promises to be very different than anything the series has delivered before.

"We are standing at the threshold of the next revolution in computing", Microsoft's Alex Kipman writes. At the media event on Oct. 3, Microsoft plans to give game developers access to technology that will help them build holographic games in Steam.

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The company, which already has a line of virtual reality hardware in the form of the Gear VR, is branching out into mixed-reality with this new device, named HMD Odyssey. The Samsung HMD Odyssey offers a 110-degree field of view on a 2880 x 1600 resolution OLED, built-in AKG headphones with dual array mics and onboard 6 point DOF inside-out position tracking.

Windows is refining a range of VR and augmented experiences and bringing them to more affordable price points, with native Windows support.

Samsung have been working with Microsoft and the release of a new VR headset from them was also included in the event. With it a 5 minute preview of Halo named Halo: Recruit will be released for free on Windows Store. The idea of putting on a headset seemed claustrophobic and the promise of truly inhabiting a virtual space felt far away. boy was I wrong. The Samsung Odyssey VR headset launched November 6th for $499 USD.

Looks like the rumours that Samsung is releasing a Windows MR headset is true as the Korean technology company has unveiled their entry into the Windows MR ecosystem with the Samsung Odyssey. Will players just be hanging out with a virtual reality version of Cortana, or will we actually get to shoot some stuff? Today, Microsoft announced it would be acquiring the virtual reality community.

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