Android 7.1.1 Nougat rolling out to Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016)

Patrice Gainsbourg
Outubro 24, 2017

Over the weekend, another Samsung phone, Galaxy J7, has reportedly caught fire during a Jet Airways flight in India. The phone explodes in just 15 minutes after the Jet Airways Flight took off from Delhi Airport.

The airline staff had to immerse the phone in a tray of water to put out the fumes.

The Galaxy J7 phone was inside the bag of a passenger named Arpita Dhal in a flight from Delhi to Indore. "We prayed to god", Atul said.

The Note 7's burning was apparently linked to a "very rare manufacturing process error" as per a statement from a Samsung representative to CNET.

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According to the report, Arpita plans to lodge a complaint against Jet Airways as the fire extinguisher kept on board the plane did not work properly which could have posed as a grave threat to the safety of the passengers in case of a fire emergency. The reason behind the incident is still unknown. The Jet Airways' flight had 120 passengers onboard and it eventually landed safely.

An official spokesperson from Jet Airways, commenting on the situation said in the report: "Jet Airways crew immediately took charge of the situation, as also all necessary steps as a precautionary measure (were taken), and as per the prescribed guidelines". "If there is a major fire or blast what will they do when their fire extinguishers don't work like this", Arpita told HT. Earlier this month, we saw a Samsung Grand Duos model was exploded in a man's pocket.

After this incident, Samsung India spokesperson said that they are in touch with the authorities for relative information and also said that customer safety is the top priority. Samsung has been under stress over the past year over the Galaxy Note 7, with its battery responsible for fire hazard issues and the subsequent recall.

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