Colby Covington Unapologetic As UFC Condemns Anti-Brazil Rant

Vincent De Villiers
Outubro 31, 2017

Now, Liborio has distanced himself from ATT after Covington sounded off against Brazilian this past weekend following his win over Demian Maia at UFC Fight Night 119.

Covington though, claimed on Twitter right after the fight that he was just hitting back at the fans for chanting "You're going to die" in Brazilian to him, and did not understand the outrage.

However, an NBA game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors will attract a larger audience than a game between two teams at the bottom of their respective divisions.

The controversial comments received widespread criticism not only from fellow fighters and MMA fans, but the UFC themselves as senior vice president David Shaw revealed in the post-fight press conference that his comments and behaviour will be reviewed.

Historically, that hasn't always been concrete and the next title contender has been decided by whoever stood out the most.

"Yeah, for sure", Covington said. I left the team approximately 3 months ago.

Flamengo x Vasco: relembre os últimos dez jogos e vote no melhor
Aos 22, Reinaldo Rueda faz duas substituições no ataque, para dar sangue novo e uma variação no estilo de jogo. O Flamengo , que chegava bem até a intermediária, sofria com as atuações apagadas de Diego e Éverton Ribeiro.

Naturally the American's comments were met by loud, angry boos at the Ibirapuera gymnasium. It was Brunson's second straight win, both of which came by first-round knockout, and is his 14th career first-round finish.

He shocked the home support in Sao Paulo last night with a unanimous decision victory over highly-fancied Maia. I dedicated my life to the Martial arts, and to the formation and growth of this team. We ducked so no one sees us over the balcony. "So I think it's a risk you run when you do that". Anger fogs our thinking, and for the most part we prefer that impairment to sober clarity.

Trash talk king Chael Sonnen has had an endless slew of unfavourable things to say about the South American country. I think people are thinking short-term. It would not make any sense. They either pulled me because they thought it was dangerous and they didn't know if it would be good. Compare this to a detailed analysis on how Colby Covington defeated Demian Maia (which takes plenty of effort and wouldn't draw as many views), and you can see why outlets are operating the way they are.

"I told everybody that interviewed me, that asked me, and I told them, 'Unless Colby trips and falls and Maia takes his back, it's going to be a bad night for Maia because Colby's a better wrestler, more athletic, and way more gas, you know?'" he said. Look at what they're saying to me.

"I should have knocked him out".

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