WhatsApp 'Fake' Downloaded More Than One Million Times From Google Play

Patrice Gainsbourg
Novembro 11, 2017

If you hadn't noticed, the whole theme of the app is efficiency - whether that's sending files, freeing up space or ensuring that you don't have a whole bunch of apps installed that you never use. Once you are on the Files tab, just tap on 'Send' after which the app will ask you to enter your Display Name. The majority of fake apps therefore currently in use concentrate more on spamming adverts or asking for one time donations via PayPal to unlock certain features. Instead of continuing to keep quiet about its plans, as before, it instead opened up Files Go to beta testers who want to get a first look ahead of the public launch.

The app was barely live on Google Play before it was pulled - presumably due to the early access program filling up - though not before the app's.APK was captured and made available elsewhere.

Android user's with their device running Android 5.0 or above can download the app from the Play Store now.

Well, now it's back again, and this time it appears to be sticking around.

Both Google and WhatsApp reassured users that anyone downloading an update to the real messaging platform would not have been affected by the fake app and they can continue using the genuine application as normal. You can't, for example, access the device's root folder or even copy and paste files.

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Clunkily named Files Go (Beta), performs a few useful different functions for your Android phone. Once connected, the recipient can also send files to the original sender. It now has all the functionalities which various third-party skins once used to come with.

Google Files Go seems to be a really convenient way to transfer files via hotspot connection. Although at times it took a little more time to connect while transferring files was smooth and fast.

The app basically aims to create larger free space on your phone by deleting span and files that you don't need.

A great message for young startups from across Europe that are considering going against the big tech companies like Google, Facebook and Apple. If you find yourself constantly worrying about storage space, Files Go might be the perfect solution for you.

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