The Silver Lining For The Weak 'Justice League' Opening — Weekend Box Office

Rebecca Barbier
Novembro 19, 2017

"Justice League is the culmination of the alien's story and the beginning of a new chapter in the DC Extended Universe". But it is still quite shocking to see just how little an impact it is having at the box office. Wonder Woman opened with $103 million, and more recently, Thor: Ragnarok opened with $122 million. It's based on R.J. Palacio's novel about a child with a facial deformity. It seems that if the DCEU continues to receive this negative attention, it may be up to Wonder Woman to save the day.

Here's Victor Stone playing football, another pre-Cyborg bit for him that didn't make it in. When she sees a couple of airhostesses in the neighbouring apartment, that look on her face says it all.

Thor: Ragnarok placed a respectable third in its third week with $21.8 million domestically. His girlfriend is again played by Amy Adams in just a cameo role, but the tens of millions of fans who flocked to see "Wonder Woman" will be happy to know Gal Gadot is this new film's one saving grace. Momoa plays Aquaman with a swaggering internal rage that easily makes him the coolest guy in the room.

That title might be the understatement of the century as a movie that was thought to open with more than $100 million with relative ease probably won't achieve that amount, at least opening weekend.

Out of the characters, Barry Allen/The Flash (Ezra Miller) left a lot more to be desired. The drop on Friday was even more telling, as Justice League took in an est.

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There's a scene in which Alfred (Jeremy Irons) is talking to someone offscreen (it's implied that it's Superman) in the batcave. They note that the percentages fail to weight critics - Pulitzer winners and unknown writers count equally - while a mildly negative review is not distinguished from one that pans the film. Perhaps Snyder's famously loyal fans weren't too jazzed about seeing a Snyder movie that also had someone else's hands on it, or perhaps many were worried that the picture would look too Frankensteined-together out of two directors' distinct visions.

I prefer my Bruce Wayne's to be unrealistically rich, and "Justice League" delivered. Friday, which is pointing to an opening weekend around $9 million or slightly higher the general vicinity of most predictions. Only two movies are scheduled to arrive in wide release, both starting on Wednesday: Pixar's "Coco" and the Denzel Washington vehicle "Roman J. Israel, Esq".

According to The Hollywood Reporter, $96 million is the worst opening yet for a DCEU film. Is it as good as their rival's mirror-image "getting the band back together" movie?

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