Max Holloway open to Conor McGregor rematch, but considers UFC star retired

Eloi Lecerf
Dezembro 5, 2017

Holloway was originally expected to fight Frankie Edgar before an injury forced the former UFC lightweight champion to pull out of the fight.

"You also look at the card, Eddie Alvarez".

If not for money, if not for fame, is it simply to remind the newly crowned champion of his last defeat or is to reassure himself of his own accomplishments? Ground combat, meanwhile, is similar to EA UFC 2's: a confusing abstraction that's tough to wrap your head (and arms and legs) around-even if you've actually studied jiu-jitsu or wrestling like I have. However, it's also still janky sometimes, leading to weirdness like my leg kick KO of the sport's biggest superstar. Instead, it's disconnected, making it hard to intuit exactly what's going on or how much danger you're in. You can fight NPCs or human opponents in one-off matches or try a small taste of UFC Ultimate Team, a mode where you assemble a roster of fighters and collect cards to upgrade their movesets and stats. Then I knock him unconscious with. a kick to the leg. Hopefully his account doesn't get banned and he doesn't get locked up. "I think the fight (in Hawaii) is going to happen".

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And the display they put on at UFC 218 only highlights how good McGregor was to have defeated them according to Sonnen. His 12-fight win streak represents the fifth longest winning streak in UFC history. However, it is clear that the Brazilian sees Max Holloway in another light and is happy to see his status as the greatest featherweight on the planet passed on to the Hawaiin youngster.

Holloway turned 26 Monday, but remains loyal to the company. I kind of did see Conor on Saturday. It's surprising, it's hilarious and we'll see what happens. When he comes back and wants to fight a real MMA fighter let me know.

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