LAD Pretends To Play UFC Fight On Stream To Avoid Getting Copyrighted

Patrice Gainsbourg
Dezembro 6, 2017

The clip shows Lester bashing buttons and reacting to moments in the fight, all in-keeping with the act that he himself was in control of the action.

The inventive stream was still in contravention of copyright laws and he likely made a few bucks from the charade.

The Hawaiian went through the gears with consummate ease, picking up the intensity as the rounds went on.

Live streaming sports pay-per-views is a no-no, for obvious reasons, and can land you in big trouble.

"Blessed" countered an oncoming Aldo in the first round working behind an excellent jab and solid body striking.

Champions: torcida atira em campo notas falsas com o rosto de Neymar
Neymar está próximo de alcançar um feito histórico na Liga dos Campeões . "O nosso objetivo a gente conseguiu. A gente chega na frente e não está concretizando em gols , isso depois acaba dificultando a partida.

Whatever the case, Holloway is clearly a star and a draw for the UFC. Good! Me either. But you're going to hear her name more often now because thanks to her breasts implants she won't be able to fight in an upcoming bout. This is why Twitch user AJ Lester chose not to spend Saturday night watching UFC 218, which took place in Detroit, Michigan, and instead chose to try out the UFC 3 beta instead. It's surprising, it's hilarious and we'll see what happens.

The UFC Lightweight champion seems enthralled by the thought of becoming the first '#BILLIONAIRE mixed martial artist in history', but of course, there is a difference between a billionaire and a billionaire mixed martial artist. Considering Aldo's well-documented struggles to cut down to 145lbs, this could be the ideal method to revitalise his career. The problem is, nobody knows if or when he will fight again.

UFC 218 was also the making of Francis 'The Predator' Ngannou, who defeated Alistair Overeem in the first round with a thunderous left hook. I fought someone who people consider and who I consider the greatest of all time.

UFC 3 is launching via EA for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next year.

Eddie Alvarez stopped Justin Gaethje, taking his unbeaten record in the process, in a highly anticipated fight that more than lived up to the hype. Lester has wisely removed the UFC PPV broadcast from his on-demand archive.

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